Featured Elopement Location: Mauritius, December 2023

If the idea of getting married on Mauritius lights a fire in your soul — or was already on your elopement bucket list — and the dates I’m there align with when you want to get married, all of my travel fees are waived! My dates for Mauritius are currently flexible in the month of December 2023. Want to come with me? Let me know ASAP.

What is a featured location?

Before I get to the GOOD STUFF, I wanted to tell you about my featured locations. A featured location is somewhere I already have plans to be. If the dates I’m there align with when you want to get married, all of my travel fees are waived! (A $1,000 savings!) So yeah, you could technically count this as a reason to shuffle the budget and fit in an epic activity on your big day. That’s enough cash for a private chef, a private helicopter tour, or even a massive upgrade to wherever you’re staying!

What could a Mauritius Elopement look like? Read on for all the details.

Written by the wonderful Sam Tatro of Undiscovered Path Home

Mauritius is world renowned for their crystal clear beaches, beautiful nature, white sand beaches and of course the Mauritius Island underground waterfall. Couples looking for that peaceful, tropical beach elopement scene should look no further than a Mauritius elopement. This island offers such a chill, tropical, beach-y vibe for eloping couples. As your Mauritius elopement photographer, I will guide you through the whole process of planning a Mauritius elopement to remember! There’s nothing more romantic than eloping in Mauritius.

An aerial view of Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa

Where to elope in Mauritius 

Eloping in Mauritius can be magical and special, especially because the island is home to so many hidden gems. When planning a Mauritius elopement, it’s important to be careful when picking an elopement location and consider whether it is legal to elope there. Some locations have laws or rules against having any type of ceremony on those grounds. 

If you do want to have a ceremony on public lands or private properties, you will absolutely need to get appropriate permits. For that reason, many people opt to elope at their resort, where they can plan a private, beachside ceremony in a secluded location. 

Here are some of the best places to elope in Mauritius.  

Four Seasons Anahita 

Nothing says “I want to have the most beautiful beach elopement of all time” like the Four Seasons in Mauritius. This beautiful hotel, located in part on a private island, is quite possibly the nicest resort on the island. There are so many wonderful, secluded spots to get married at the Four Seasons.  

Eureka – La Maison Creole

Eureka House is a beautiful Creole house built back in 1830. This elegant residence was owned by British and French aristocrats in the 19th century. It’s one of the largest houses on the island with more than 109 doors! This colonial-style mansion is a tourist attraction, but you can also plan to elope here! The best part? The grounds are just amazing! 

Black River Gorges National Park

A waterfall runs over a cliff in the middle of a jungle at Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius
The gorgeous Black River Gorges National Park.

Black River Gorges National Park is the largest protected forest on the island, and it’s an amazing (and isolated) place to say “I Do!” This park has more than 50 kilometers of trails, some of which lead to a breathtaking waterfall. There’s so much peace and serenity in this area, the perfect spot to swear your love for one another in an intentional ceremony. As this is public lands, we will need to get special permission to have a ceremony here. 

Off the coast 

A boat floats in crystal clear water off the coast of Mauritius

Want to elope on the water? What about chartering a yacht or a sailboat and saying your vows with the sea breeze in your hair? There’s something so special about having a private moment on a boat, with the sunset (or sunrise!) in the background… You can even plan to visit one of the small islands off the coast of Mauritius and take a dip in the middle of the day, if you want! 

If you’re not seeing the perfect wedding location for you, don’t worry. There’s plenty of magical places in Mauritius, and we can find that one special location for your Mauritius elopement together. 

What to do on your elopement day in Mauritius 

The southern coast of Mauritius where jungles meet the coastline

No adventurous elopement is complete without a magical, fun-filled day. If you’re looking for the best adventures in Mauritius, check out these ideas:

  • Go deep sea fishing: Mauritius is famous for their unbelievable deep sea fishing! In the waters surrounding Mauritius, you’ll witness many huge species of fish. That means blue and black marlin, yellow tuna, and different types of barracuda and sharks. It’s truly spectacular, and no trip is really complete without trying out this cool activity. You can hire a private boat with your hotel. 
  • Visit Ile aux Aigrettes: Mauritius is surrounded by several smaller islands, each their own type of wild beauty. This small island, located off the southeast coast of Mauritius, is a nature reserve with some amazing species of animals – and some beautiful water. 
  • See Mauritius from a whole new angle: Why not jump in a helicopter and take a tour of Mauritius from the air? Mauritius Island is famous for its beautiful underwater waterfall, located off the coast of Le Morne. It’s a spectacular illusion, and the only way to see it? Helicopter. 
  •  Hike Black River Gorges National Park: Located on the Southwest of Mauritius, Black River Gorges is a lush national park filled with plenty to see and do. You can see more than 300 species of animals, including the fruit bat! Explore this place on foot or car for a fun day! 
  • Rent quad bikes: Mauritius has many places you can explore by quad bike. If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, don’t skip this awesome way to see the country. On quad bikes, you can spot a variety of cool animals, from wild boars to deer. 

Mauritius is truly a unique place with endless things to see, do, and explore. When you’re planning to elope in Mauritius, make sure to plan a full list of adventures. 

The best time to elope in Mauritius

Because Mauritius is an island, the weather tends to vary a lot – even from its neighbors. Mauritius has a subtropical climate, and the island of Mauritius sees clear skies and warm weather for most of the year. However, the best time to elope in Mauritius is towards the end of the year. From October to December, temperatures are hottest and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. 

Where to eat in Mauritius

Villas line the beachside coast of Mauritius

You’ll discover the rich cultural history in Mauritius through tasting their delicious cuisine. The ethnic diversity of the country mixed into their food. If you’re looking to try some of the local flare, don’t skip the national dish of Mauritius, Dholl puri. This yellow split-pea pancake is griddled on a tawa and the dough is filled with cari gros pois, a type of bean curry. It’s served with Mauritius’ famous rougaille, a unique and delicious spicy sauce of sweet tomatoes, thyme, garlic, and ginger. 

Other classic dishes in Mauritius include Bol Renversé, Mauritian Biryani, Boulettes, Mine Frit, Confit, and Chili Bites. 

If you’re a foodie, and can’t wait to dive into the local cuisine, try some of these spots: 

Where to drink in Mauritius 

Is there anything better than toasting to your union with a new glass of wine? Here are some of my favorite places to grab a drink in Mauritius. 

Where to stay in Mauritius 

The Shangri-La Resort in Mauritius
The Shangri-La Resort in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for their luxurious hotels, sprawling beaches, and intimate spots….It’s an island for honeymooners, after all! Luxury hotels in Mauritius are among some of the most romantic in the world. Couples eloping in Mauritius will absolutely fall in love with these gorgeous, idyllic places to stay: 



Vendors I recommend in the area


Hair and Makeup Artists



How to get to Mauritius 

A green jungle atop an oceanside cliff in Mauritius

Mauritius is a pretty small island, and most visitors will arrive in Mauritius by plane. The primary airport in Mauritius is Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) International Airport, located on the southeast side of the island. International airlines fly into the airport as well as Air Mauritius. Air Mauritius also operates daily flights to Sir Gaetan Duval Airport on Rodrigues, an island dependency of Mauritius. The island is located far to the east of Mauritius. 

How to legally elope in Mauritius 

I’d personally recommend getting legally married in the U.S. to make it easier on you both and then have the symbolic ceremony in Mauritius. 

But if you want to legally get married in Mauritius, we can make it happen. You will need to provide the following documents: 

  • Copies of your birth certificates
  • Copies of your passports
  • Your decree absolute, if divorced
  • If widowed, a death certificate
  • An adoption certificate, if you have been adopted 
  • If you’ve changed names, a deed poll notice

Once you have these documents lined up, you need to send them to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Port Louis four weeks prior to the wedding. In addition, you will need to bring all of these original documents in person for your wedding.

Another technicality: your birth certificates cannot be more than three months old. You may need to re-issue them or have them apostilled or date-stamped. 

You will need to get married within three months of the date of your paperwork. 

My tips for exploring Mauritius 

An aerial view of Mauritius Island, with bright blue water

Mauritius is a big island with lots to see and do. That’s one of the big advantages to planning a Mauritius elopement – it can double as a honeymoon destination. There’s no way you will have enough time to see everything this amazing island has to offer in a week or two. If you’re planning a longer stay, here are my tips for exploring Mauritius: 

  • Rent a car: It’s great to rest in a hotel and soak up the sun, but if you want to see a lot of the island, there’s no better way than renting a car. With your own car, you can drive around and get a feel for the island, stopping at little beaches and spots along the way. Just keep in mind: traffic in Mauritius runs on the opposite side of the road!
  • Eat out: What better way to experience the culture than by eating the cuisine? Don’t be afraid to leave your hotel and venture out to the many restaurants across Mauritius. The cuisine is heavily influenced by their mixed cultural heritage, and it’s a great way to experience the country. 
  • Don’t be afraid to visit nearby countries: Don’t really want to spend all of your time in Mauritius? There are direct flights to Madagascar, the Seychelles, the Maldives, and Rodrigues, an island dependency of Mauritius (this last place is truly a place of beauty!). You can mix and max your vacation to explore all the little islands nearby!
  • It’s safe: Mauritius is considered one of the safest places in Africa, and it’s completely safe for tourists to visit. 
  • Pack water shoes: You will want to bring water shoes with you to fully explore all the marine life that Mauritius has to offer!

Closing Statements

Mauritius Island is a popular destination off the coast of Africa for honeymooners and newlyweds. If you’re planning to elope in Mauritius, you’ll find so much adventure, excitement, beauty and romance, all in one place. It’s the perfect little island elopement location! 

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