Looking for unique elopement ideas? Look no further. I’ve compiled a list of the most wild elopement ideas I could think of. Your elopement day should be an experience of a lifetime. Print out this page and take a highlighter to all the unique elopement adventures below that speak to you both – then plan your elopement day around one of these epic adventures.

50 Unique Elopement Ideas

  1. Helicopter to the top of a mountain peak
  2. Plan a multi day backpacking trips with your closest friends
  3. Take a float plan to remote lake
  4. Go on an epic road trip 
  5. Rent a fire lookout tower in the Pacific Northwest
  6. Go rock climbing
  7. Take a desert Jeep Tour in the South West
  8. Take a Boat Ride through the Amazon
  9. Go white water rafting
  10. Explore glaciers in Alaska
  11. Take the train tour of Alaska
  12. Hike through Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia
  13. See the Northern Lights in Norway 
  14. Zipline in Costa Rica 
  15. Scuba dive in Hawaii 
  16. Go on a private rafting tour of the Grand Canyon
  17. Rent a cozy little cabin in the Italian Dolomites
  18. Explore the Slot Canyons of the Southwest
  19. Do a waterfall tour in the Pacific Northwest, Iceland or Greenland
  20. Visit the Fjords of Norway
  21. Ride Camels in Morocco
  22. Road trip the California Coast Highway 1
  23. Tour the Galapagos
  24. Explore the Greek Islands by private yacht
  25. Getting married on a Swiss mountain top
  26. Hike the Tour De Mont Blanc through Switzerland, Italy + France
  27. Rent a lake house on Lake Tahoe 
  28. Explore the Lofoten Islands of Norway
  29. Visit Yosemite National Park
  30. Rent a remote mountain hut in New Zealand
  31. Go deep sea fishing in Alaska
  32. Take a helicopter tour of New Zealand
  33. Spend a week driving Iceland’s Ring Road 
  34. Hike the stairway to Heaven in Hawaii
  35. Explore the beautiful Oregon Coast
  36. Hike the North Cascades of Washington
  37. Snowmobile in Montana or Wyoming 
  38. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt
  39. See Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe by Helicopter
  40. Climb the world’s highest dunes at Sossusvlei in Namibia
  41. Spend a week in Kruger National Park, South Africa on a Safari
  42. Trek the Royal Incan Trail to Machu Picchu
  43. Take an Antarctic Cruise
  44. Stay in an igloo hotel in Sweden or Finland
  45. Take a multi day horse trek through Spain, France or Patagonia 
  46. Go on an Outback Adventure in Australia
  47. Take a dog sled tour of Scandinavia 
  48. Tour the Greek Islands
  49. Swim with Whales in Baja California
  50. Explore the highlands of Scotland

So you’ve got some once in a lifetime unique elopement ideas, but now what? Let’s make this adventure a reality!

I’m here to help you dream up, plan and document your unique elopement idea. Contact me to get started!

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