Deserves photos that do it justice & a photographer who gets it.
Your elopement is about you, your love for each other, and spending your day (or days!) experiencing places and things that make you feel alive. That’s it.

It’s not about perfectly posed images or fulfilling the wants of someone else. It’s not about trying to look a certain way or performing for the camera. It’s about staying in the moment and interacting with each other naturally. That’s why I take a documentarian meets creative artist approach to my photography. 
I’m not there to “make you look good” by calling out awkward poses or positioning you in a disingenuous way. I’m there to observe how you two interact, and how the day unfolds, and move into position so that I can capture you from the best angles, in the best light, without interrupting a day that’s ultimately about you. (But don’t worry — if you’re ever not sure what to do or where to look, or simply want some posing inspiration, I’ve got you!) 

Deserves photos that do it justice & a photographer who gets it


If there’s something you never want to forget, you don’t have to

Photos Are Powerful Artifacts

The emotions of your wedding day — and all of the phenomenal memories — can stay with you forever. Because I’ll be there to make sure they’re frozen in time. 

There are few days as memorable and treasured as the day you vow your life to your favorite person. And even though we’d like to believe there’s absolutely no way we could forget even the tiniest slice of that day, the truth is we can. Especially when you’re busy living in the moment; staying present instead of trying to latch on to every small detail unfolding around you.

Photos can bring you back to those moments and remind you of things you’d already forgotten, or maybe initially missed. They allow you to relive your greatest memories over and over from perspectives you didn’t experience on the day of. And one of my favorite aspects of a photo? The ability to physically share that experience with the people you love — through prints, albums, and even your digital gallery.

Maybe you’re confident as hell in your choice to elope. Maybe you’ve known forever that an intimate wedding was the right decision for you. Or maybe you’re feeling hints of guilt or confusion as you begin this journey. Regardless of how you’re feeling right now, I want you to know a few things:

• I am damn proud of you for choosing to put your relationship first
• You’re not selfish, mean, or any other adjective you might be grappling with or hearing from others — you’re simply staying true to yourself, and that’s incredible
• We’re in this together — and I’ll be there to support, encourage, and guide you throughout this entire process

And I’m damn proud of you for that

What You’re Doing Is Brave

Planning an adventure elopement isn’t always easier than planning a traditional wedding. There’s a lot to consider when saying “I do” on public land, in a different country, or in a non-traditional way. Luckily, I’ve been doing this for years and love the planning process — so my packages come fully loaded. Discover what all packages include!

Everything you need, all in one place


From start to finish, I’m here to help guide and support you. I'll share my best tips, favorite places, timeline advice, activity recommendations, and more. You'll have unlimited access to me for 1-on-1 planning calls as you need them. Feeling overwhelmed? I’m here to take some weight off. Unsure of what comes next? I’ll map it all out. Just need reassurance? I’ve got you.

Unlimited Planning Help 


After we brainstorm your perfect day, you'll get a custom location video walk through with 3-5 incredible locations to choose from. Complete with pictures, logistics, and considerations. And we won’t stop until we find your perfect spot.

Custom Elopement Location Look Book


One of my secret skills is finding the coolest places to stay, eat, drink, and explore. So based on your preferences and wants, I’ll send you a custom list of recommendations! I'll also send you a list of recommended florists and vendors in the area to make building your team of support a breeze.

Custom Vendor & Lodging Recommendations


You'll get my 90+ page Elopement Guide that includes everything from vendors, packing lists, timeline inspiration, and so much more. 90 pages might sound like a lot, but trust me, this guide is like Pinterest meets wedding planner in one (except free and a lot less overwhelming).

Elopement Inspiration Guide


We'll collaborate on your elopement timeline, making sure you have the best experience possible. I'll include information on when the best light is and helpful tips to make the most of your time — so you can squeeze in all of the locations and activities that matter most (without rushing or stressing about time).

Custom Elopement Timeline


Thinking through the logistical part of your day is integral to a smooth and stress-free elopement. I'll make sure we've thought of it all, permits, drive times, transition times, and more. That way you can simply sit back, relax, and have the time of your life.

Logistics Planning & Permit Research


You’ll receive a curated and diverse collection of high-resolution images with unlimited downloads and printing rights via an online gallery. This is easily shareable with family and friends!

All Of Your Photos To Remember Your Day By


Anywhere you want to go, I’ll go with you. There are no extra fees for any standard commercial travel costs. Check out my annual 'Featured Location' for special pricing. 

No Extra or Hidden Fees


All-Inclusive Elopement Packages

Want Video?

Drone footage adds a new dimension to the retelling of your day. It brings perspective to the mountainscape, beach, or river adventure you’re embarking on. A drone can go places humans can’t—adding incredible depth and dimension to the artifacts of your day.

The other awesome thing about having Gracie along for the ride is that she provides another set of hands to help your day unfold smoothly. Need help setting something up? She’s got you. Want an umbrella just in case but don’t feel like lugging it around? She’ll carry it for you. =

If you’d like to add Gracie’s video and drone coverage to your package, please indicate that when you inquire. All drone and video packages include a 3-minute+ video of your day. 

we don't blame you!

Ready to see the world and go abroad? I can be packed in 5.  Iceland is one of my specialties, but I've traveled to over 10 countries in my life. Not to mention, I'm always down to check off a different bucket list country on your list! 

International Elopements

Starts at $6,400

Get married anywhere in the United States for the same flat fee. And yes, that includes Alaska and Hawaii (say the word and I’ll meet you on a glacier or at the top of a volcano). 

United States Elopements 

Starts at $5,400

So, Where Are You Eloping?

Get married anywhere in the Oregon and Northern California from San Fransisco and up.  From backpacking to coastal cliffs, this area of the US is my home turf, my beloved stomping grounds. 


Starts at $4,800


She helped us plan our whole day, made sure we were prepared for all conditions and more importantly just a great FRIEND to share our day with! Jayne was always quick to respond and made the booking and planning process a breeze. She made sure we were enjoying our day and gave us some private time at each location to fully enjoy our surroundings. Jaynes' charisma and excitement throughout the day just helped make our day that much more enjoyable! When it came time for our last location it started pouring rain... but we still wanted the last shot of a champagne pop on the cliffside. So she grabbed us some umbrellas, got herself geared up and we trekked out to the cliff in the torrential rain and took what probably are some of my favorite pictures of the day. She sent us sneak peaks quickly and the full album so fast. She captured our day perfectly and got so many amazing shots. Jayne is truly the best without a doubt. We couldn't imagine sharing our day with anyone else!

"She is so much more than a photographer"



Working with Jayne was an absolute joy from start to finish. When we decided to elope, my husband and I really had no idea what we were doing or what we were trying to plan, we just knew how we wanted our day to feel. From the first call together, talking to Jayne was like talking with a friend. She provided us with lots of great ideas, recommendations, and support to help us plan a day that was special and uniquely “us”. When the day came and we all finally met Jayne was enthusiastic, professional, and lots of fun! She made us feel super comfortable and knew exactly the balance of involvement vs giving us space to create our own moments. Her turnaround time for the photos was extremely fast and we were BLOWN AWAY from the first look. She captured the day perfectly and gave us photos and memories that we’ll cherish. 11/10 recommendation! Thank you, Jayne!

"Her turnaround time for the photos was extremely fast and we were BLOWN AWAY from the first look"


Katy & weslie

WHAT A PLEASURE it was to work with her. Cannot recommend her enough. Jayne had an introduction call with us and worked through our continuously changing ideas and locations. We settled on what we thought was our elopement location. Only to realize it didn't quite work. Jayne was considerate, flexible, and communicative with us. Jayne planned out the perfect hike in a new location, sent over all of the documentation for my Type A self to feel secure and excited, and walked us through everything.
Jayne met us at 3am at our hiking spot, prepared and ready to go. She even brought some of the things she instructed us to bring, like a bluetooth speaker. (thank you, you're an angel!). We both felt super comfortable being shot by Jayne, and her charisma made it all the more fun and enjoyable. She's the right amount of lively and laid back. We got our sneak peek back very quickly and it was FULL of incredible photos I will cherish forever. Honestly, I've worked with friends of mine who are well known photographers, and Jayne's talent surpassed those photos. I was astonished at how well they turned out. 

"If I had to describe Jayne in 3 words, it'd be: charismatic, incredible, & talented."


"Working with Jayne from start to finish was an absolute gift."

tess & nick

Through that she shared such empathy as well as profound joy and excitement for our day. She folded right into our intimate family wedding and remained flexible about all of the things we imagined and many many many changed plans. The photos she took were absolutely stunning and everything we wanted, in addition to being an anchor for us throughout our entire wedding process. I am so grateful to her for holding such real and beautiful space for our family.

"Working with Jayne from start to finish was an absolute gift. She saw my husband and I through the hight of the pandemic as well as the sudden loss of my father."


andrea & josh

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did for us. Our wedding day was so unbelievably perfect and magical in every way thanks in HUGE part to you. We loved every minute of it. My husband and I eloped in May 2021 in the Pacific Northwest and Jayne made this whole experience extraordinary. Jayne was such a pleasure to work with and helped provide endless STELLAR recommendations for everything from the Airbnb we stayed at to flowers and videography to the most stunning locations. She literally planned our entire experience and it could NOT have gone any better. She even provided us recommendations for the rest of our trip (breweries, kayaking, etc). We can't recommend Jayne enough. 10/10!! I can't imagine our wedding day without her.

"We are still in awe of this entire experience. Jayne was extremely professional while also being a joy."


"When you choose a wedding photographer, you want someone who is giddy to talk details with you..."

gracie & zach

On our big day we hiked around one of our favorite mountains, listened to great music, and generally marinated in our love. The photo results are drool worthy and a heartwarming reminder of how amazing I felt on that day. Overall I give our experience with Jayne an enthusiastic 10/10. Elope with Jayne!

"When you choose a wedding photographer, you want someone who is giddy to talk details with you, who gawks when she sees pictures of your dress, and who gasps out loud when she gets THE SHOT."


"If you're looking for an adventure photographer, Jayne is a wonderful choice!"


When we saw some of the couples' collections we realized we had a special possibility in our hands. We were able to snag her for a day of shooting at the Oregon coast for our engagement photos. Whether it was venturing out onto Natural Bridge, scaling down a cliffside with rope and ideas, or generally wandering through the area, she had a great eye for those special shots that caught our natural adventurous and playful interactions. We never felt we had to be posed though she was also able to offer guidelines when needed. We especially love her aspect of creating double exposures where she superimposes the two of you over a background from the same area. The wedding photos were amazing as well, particularly considering she was shooting into a setting sun. To add to the cherry on top she accompanied us after our honeymoon up into the mountains to get some more special shots in suit and gown.

"If you're looking for an adventure photographer who will have a view from your photos that goes beyond the standard, Jayne is a wonderful choice!"



Wow!!! My husband and I spent a recent afternoon on top of a mountain with Jayne, our amazing and talented wedding photographer, to try to capture some beautiful post-wedding shots of us in our wedding attire after we returned from our honeymoon. We anticipated some great shots for a couple of reasons, including the fact that Jayne took INCREDIBLE wedding day shots the month prior (seriously, folks...gorgeous), as well as the fact that the beautiful and moody Mt. Shasta was our backdrop (holy cow, so majestic). What we received a couple weeks later was a broad collection of frame-worthy shots that had both my husband and I repeatedly saying "Whoa! These are stunning!" As someone who feels more comfortable behind the camera than in front of one I always feel nervous about getting my photos taken, but with Jayne it was just so easy and natural.  She's so down to earth and easy to talk to, which really helps to create a relaxed and fun photo shoot. Her work really speaks for itself!  She's the real deal if you want unique, striking, artfully captured images of you and your Love. Look no further than Jayne for your adventure wedding/elopement photography needs.

"Jayne and our mountain-top wedding photos have exceeded our expectations in every possible way."



That’s why I don’t charge by the hour — I charge by the day. This means I’ll be there with you from your first sip of coffee until right before you brush your teeth (if you want, of course!). 

It’s important to me that every special moment from your elopement day is captured on film.

Although I do not photograph large weddings I do love a good micro-wedding with your most beloved friends and family. My cut-off is ~30 people total*. *If you plan on having 10 or more guests, I require a day-of coordinator (this can be a friend or family member) to be present for the entire elopement. This allows me to focus completely on documenting your day while there’s a dedicated person to keep everything else running smoothly.

Sure can!

There are so many places with incredible drive-up or walk-up views. Not to mention alternative modes of transport. Think: helicopters, dog sleds, boats, and more!


If you want to make it legal at your actual location, I'll guide you through that process depending on the state or country. 

I recommend making it legal at home and leaving the paperwork stress behind you.

If the weather's dangerous, I'll have some backup plans ready and I can sometimes stay an extra day if needed. 

I don't believe in bad weather, storm clouds make for epic images.

Think: vows and safari one day. Family celebration the next day. And farewell sunrise portraits on the third day.

Yes, I offer custom packages for anything past 1 day.

Your elopement FAQs

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I can't wait!

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