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Before we start

In a world that rewards sameness and validating beliefs that aren’t your own, I find it much more exciting to embrace honesty and vulnerability both in business and in life.

I'm a straight shooter.

Mostly the expectations, rules, and pressure to do absolutely anything that doesn’t feel aligned with who you are.

There’s a lot about the wedding industry I don’t love.

There’s something incredibly fulfilling about helping couples plan a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of their love and then getting the opportunity to not only experience it — but document the entire thing — all while exploring this big beautiful world.

Photography and travel are at the core of who I am.

It’s my mission to limit the environmental impact we have on the Earth by following Leave No Trace principles everywhere I go. 

The planet comes first.

Keep reading to take this relationship even further.

So what do you say? Will you go on the adventure of a lifetime with me?

The first time I fell in love with a place I’d never been was while pouring over the glossy pages of my dad’s National Geographic magazines as a kid. Instantly, an insatiable craving to explore, to go, to experience this world settled deep in my soul. Shortly after, when my mom gifted me a camera, I realized not only did I want to experience the world, I wanted to document it. To tell the stories of faraway people and places in a way that made them feel real, tangible — even if you’d never been. 

I started photographing everything and everyone who came into my orbit. I couldn’t put the camera down. I couldn’t stop seeing life through a lens. But somewhere between childhood wonder and the adult need to “grow up” and get a “real job,” I put my dream on the back burner and pursued a career in something that grew my bank account but drained my soul. 

Then one day I woke up to the realization that if I didn’t pursue my dream now, I would regret it forever.

So here I am — a few years later, living my childhood dream. I might not be on the cover of Nat Geo (yet), but photographing adventure elopements is about as close as it gets (with fewer lethal wildlife encounters). 

Elopements combine everything I stand for and everything I’m passionate about. They’re an incredible combination of adventure, commitment, and staying true to yourself. And just like the stunning images found within my favorite magazine, your elopement photos allow the people who weren’t there in person to feel like they were. 

How getting lost led me here

My story

For a long while, it was just me (Jayne) with my camera and hiking boots bringing gorgeous elopements to life. But then I met Gracie—and instantly knew bringing her on as a videographer was a no-brainer.

An artist to her core, Gracie has a unique skill for recognizing and capturing beauty in a way few others can. There’s something so special and meaningful about having a personalized elopement film to tell every single detail of your day. The emotions, the quiet moments, the whispered “I love yous,” the vast beauty of the outdoors, and of course—the precise moment you two said, “I do.” Documenting it all on film—from the land and sky—is an experience like no other. If you choose to invite her to your day (best decision ever), you’ll understand what I mean. 

Whether she’s filming your elopement from a drone in the sky, lending a hand during your special weekend, fly fishing in the wilderness, or handcrafting clay masterpieces in her garage—everything Gracie does is rooted in intention and detail. I can’t wait for you to meet her.

Your videographer and drone pilot

meet gracie

Today, you can find me helping couples turn their wildest travel dreams into a reality. And not just from behind the camera — I’m beside you and with you the entire way. 

Together, we can pick a location, plan an adventure, and document the entire story as it unfolds; so you can relive it forever — like an artifact in the museum of your life.

The best part? The opportunities are infinite. And I’ve already got a few places I’m dying to visit. Come see what’s next on my list!

What My World Looks Like Today

It’s about more than perfectly posed portraits — it’s about telling the entire story of your day; no detail forgotten, no moment too small

No. 5

Every problem has a solution — and I’ll do whatever I can to find or create it

No. 4

If you’ve dreamed it up in your mind, I’m down for the ride — no adventure is off-limits

No. 3

We’re going to have a really fun time — but we’re going to go deep (it’s the only way I roll)

No. 2

It’s my job to find the best angles and shots – it’s your job to be present and exist

No. 1

Beliefs I’m Bringing To The Table

A few of my truths

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Natural grey is fabulous – when my hair turns, I’m keeping it

MY CREW: Zucchini the dog & Ham the cat, Nicholas my hunk of a husband

FOREVER DAYDREAM: Award-winning Nat Geo photographer

HAPPY PLACE: Kayaking or white water rafting

Sunshine on my skin, pet snuggles, music

MY VICES: Bread, cheese, and all things salty

ON REPEAT: Enjoy the Ride, Riley Baron

living my best life

this is me


She helped us plan our whole day, made sure we were prepared for all conditions and more importantly just a great FRIEND to share our day with! Jayne was always quick to respond and made the booking and planning process a breeze. She made sure we were enjoying our day and gave us some private time at each location to fully enjoy our surroundings. Jaynes' charisma and excitement throughout the day just helped make our day that much more enjoyable! When it came time for our last location it started pouring rain... but we still wanted the last shot of a champagne pop on the cliffside. So she grabbed us some umbrellas, got herself geared up and we trekked out to the cliff in the torrential rain and took what probably are some of my favorite pictures of the day. She sent us sneak peaks quickly and the full album so fast. She captured our day perfectly and got so many amazing shots. Jayne is truly the best without a doubt. We couldn't imagine sharing our day with anyone else!

"She is so much more than a photographer"



Working with Jayne was an absolute joy from start to finish. When we decided to elope, my husband and I really had no idea what we were doing or what we were trying to plan, we just knew how we wanted our day to feel. From the first call together, talking to Jayne was like talking with a friend. She provided us with lots of great ideas, recommendations, and support to help us plan a day that was special and uniquely “us”. When the day came and we all finally met Jayne was enthusiastic, professional, and lots of fun! She made us feel super comfortable and knew exactly the balance of involvement vs giving us space to create our own moments. Her turnaround time for the photos was extremely fast and we were BLOWN AWAY from the first look. She captured the day perfectly and gave us photos and memories that we’ll cherish. 11/10 recommendation! Thank you, Jayne!

"Her turnaround time for the photos was extremely fast and we were BLOWN AWAY from the first look"


Katy & weslie

WHAT A PLEASURE it was to work with her. Cannot recommend her enough. Jayne had an introduction call with us and worked through our continuously changing ideas and locations. We settled on what we thought was our elopement location. Only to realize it didn't quite work. Jayne was considerate, flexible, and communicative with us. Jayne planned out the perfect hike in a new location, sent over all of the documentation for my Type A self to feel secure and excited, and walked us through everything.
Jayne met us at 3am at our hiking spot, prepared and ready to go. She even brought some of the things she instructed us to bring, like a bluetooth speaker. (thank you, you're an angel!). We both felt super comfortable being shot by Jayne, and her charisma made it all the more fun and enjoyable. She's the right amount of lively and laid back. We got our sneak peek back very quickly and it was FULL of incredible photos I will cherish forever. Honestly, I've worked with friends of mine who are well known photographers, and Jayne's talent surpassed those photos. I was astonished at how well they turned out. 

"If I had to describe Jayne in 3 words, it'd be: charismatic, incredible, & talented."


"Working with Jayne from start to finish was an absolute gift."

tess & nick

Through that she shared such empathy as well as profound joy and excitement for our day. She folded right into our intimate family wedding and remained flexible about all of the things we imagined and many many many changed plans. The photos she took were absolutely stunning and everything we wanted, in addition to being an anchor for us throughout our entire wedding process. I am so grateful to her for holding such real and beautiful space for our family.

"Working with Jayne from start to finish was an absolute gift. She saw my husband and I through the hight of the pandemic as well as the sudden loss of my father."


andrea & josh

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did for us. Our wedding day was so unbelievably perfect and magical in every way thanks in HUGE part to you. We loved every minute of it. My husband and I eloped in May 2021 in the Pacific Northwest and Jayne made this whole experience extraordinary. Jayne was such a pleasure to work with and helped provide endless STELLAR recommendations for everything from the Airbnb we stayed at to flowers and videography to the most stunning locations. She literally planned our entire experience and it could NOT have gone any better. She even provided us recommendations for the rest of our trip (breweries, kayaking, etc). We can't recommend Jayne enough. 10/10!! I can't imagine our wedding day without her.

"We are still in awe of this entire experience. Jayne was extremely professional while also being a joy."


"When you choose a wedding photographer, you want someone who is giddy to talk details with you..."

gracie & zach

On our big day we hiked around one of our favorite mountains, listened to great music, and generally marinated in our love. The photo results are drool worthy and a heartwarming reminder of how amazing I felt on that day. Overall I give our experience with Jayne an enthusiastic 10/10. Elope with Jayne!

"When you choose a wedding photographer, you want someone who is giddy to talk details with you, who gawks when she sees pictures of your dress, and who gasps out loud when she gets THE SHOT."


"If you're looking for an adventure photographer, Jayne is a wonderful choice!"


When we saw some of the couples' collections we realized we had a special possibility in our hands. We were able to snag her for a day of shooting at the Oregon coast for our engagement photos. Whether it was venturing out onto Natural Bridge, scaling down a cliffside with rope and ideas, or generally wandering through the area, she had a great eye for those special shots that caught our natural adventurous and playful interactions. We never felt we had to be posed though she was also able to offer guidelines when needed. We especially love her aspect of creating double exposures where she superimposes the two of you over a background from the same area. The wedding photos were amazing as well, particularly considering she was shooting into a setting sun. To add to the cherry on top she accompanied us after our honeymoon up into the mountains to get some more special shots in suit and gown.

"If you're looking for an adventure photographer who will have a view from your photos that goes beyond the standard, Jayne is a wonderful choice!"



Wow!!! My husband and I spent a recent afternoon on top of a mountain with Jayne, our amazing and talented wedding photographer, to try to capture some beautiful post-wedding shots of us in our wedding attire after we returned from our honeymoon. We anticipated some great shots for a couple of reasons, including the fact that Jayne took INCREDIBLE wedding day shots the month prior (seriously, folks...gorgeous), as well as the fact that the beautiful and moody Mt. Shasta was our backdrop (holy cow, so majestic). What we received a couple weeks later was a broad collection of frame-worthy shots that had both my husband and I repeatedly saying "Whoa! These are stunning!" As someone who feels more comfortable behind the camera than in front of one I always feel nervous about getting my photos taken, but with Jayne it was just so easy and natural.  She's so down to earth and easy to talk to, which really helps to create a relaxed and fun photo shoot. Her work really speaks for itself!  She's the real deal if you want unique, striking, artfully captured images of you and your Love. Look no further than Jayne for your adventure wedding/elopement photography needs.

"Jayne and our mountain-top wedding photos have exceeded our expectations in every possible way."


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