Featured Elopement Location: Norway, July 2024

If the idea of getting married in Norway lights a fire in your soul — or was already on your elopement bucket list — and the dates I’m there align with when you want to get married, all of my travel fees are waived! My dates for Norways are currently flexible in the months of July 2024. Want to come with me? Let me know ASAP.

What is a featured location?

Before I get to the GOOD STUFF, I wanted to tell you about my featured locations. A featured location is somewhere I already have plans to be. If the dates I’m there align with when you want to get married, all of my travel fees are waived! (A $1,000 savings!) So yeah, you could technically count this as a reason to shuffle the budget and fit in an epic activity on your big day. That’s enough cash for a private chef for two, a Northern lights guided tour, or even a massive upgrade to wherever you’re staying!

What could a Norwegian Elopement look like? Read on for all the details.

Written by the wonderful Sam Tatro of Undiscovered Path Home

Towering mountains, dramatic fjords, epic glaciers… For those looking for a high-end, adventurous elopement, Norway is guaranteed to tick all of your boxes. This magical country has so much to offer. If your perfect wedding day includes exploring the countryside and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime adventures together, a Norway elopement might be THE place for you. 

Towering mountains surround a lake in a valley in Norway

Eager to jump on a plane and explore this amazing Scandinavian country? Well, there are just a few more things to understand about planning an elopement in Norway. In my complete, comprehensive guide, I’m breaking down every little detail you need to know about planning the perfect elopement in Norway, from vendors to ceremony locations to everything in between. Let’s get started! 

Where to elope in Norway

There are so many countless beautiful places to elope in Norway. Whether you’re searching for those stunning mountain peaks, epic glaciers, or sweeping valley views, Norway has the spot for you. Here are just a few of my absolute favorite ideas. 

A person stands on a cliff overlooking a sprawling lake in Norway


This cute coastal town, nestled onto the western coast of Norway, is a special city in the middle of the sea. Highways over the water connect the town’s different islands. If you’re planning an off-the-beaten path elopement, consider this seaside fishing town. Plus, you can get the chance to experience the iconic Atlantic Road

Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park is one of the most popular areas in Norway for hiking, backpacking and all things outdoors – and for a good reason! If you’re looking for jaw-dropping views and backcountry magic, you can’t miss this insane spot. This national park is home to countless rivers, waterfalls, mountain peaks – and you can even spend a night in local huts and cabins within the park. 


If you’ve been on social media, there is a 99.9% chance that you’ve seen the view from Trolltunga, one of the most iconic views in the country. It takes a good amount of work to get up to this point in Trolltunga, but if you’re up for the challenge, so am I! The all-day hike winds through some incredible scenery along the way. You will be rewarded with epic, 360 views of the lake below, the surrounding mountains and the blue sky. 

Folgefonna National Park

Folgefonna National Park, home to some of Norway’s largest glaciers, has some of the country’s best hiking trails and views. Pick from shorter nature trails to longer backpacking treks – this place has it all! You’ll love the alpine lakes and the mountaintop vistas. 

Geiranger Fjord

Norway is best-known for their iconic fjords, and Geirangerfjord happens to be one of the most popular (and most breathtaking) fjords. These topographical features – deep seas with steep land on all three sides – make the most intimate elopement spots. This specific area is known for the waterfalls, including Seven Sisters, a waterfall with seven (!) different streams. Even if you don’t plan to elope here, make sure to visit this crazy beautiful fjord. 


Stetind is known as Norway’s national mountain, and this unique area makes a lovely place to elope if you’re super into climbing. It is one of the most-climbed mountains in the country! 

Lofoten Islands

A winding road runs along a series of small islands in Lofoten, Norway

There’s no place like the Lofoten Islands! This picture-perfect Norway town is nothing short of spectacular. Expect colorful homes, green cliff sides, roads connecting the area over water, and towering mountains. The mountains surrounding this area have plenty of striking views. This area is extra magical during Christmastime. 

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to the largest glacier on the European mainland, and this beautiful park can be a quiet, intentional spot to elope. The area, known for its incredible hikes, features a variety of different environments. It’s also located closer to Oslo than some of the other spots, so it’s an ideal choice if you don’t want to drive too far. 

If you’re not seeing *the* spot for your elopement on this list, but still want to elope in Norway, get in touch with me. Norway is a special place for me, and I have a lot of incredible places flagged for my couples!  

A winding highway links together small islands in Norway

What to do on your elopement day in Norway

When you elope in Norway, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. This breathtaking country, unlike any other you’ve visited before, has endless opportunities for intimate experiences that will bring the both of you closer together. Norway is THE spot for adventurous couples! Here are some of my favorite things to do in Norway: 

  • Venture into the Arctic Circle: How many people can say they have visited the Arctic Circle? You can sail into this mystical area and take in views of Norway’s rugged coastline, complete with towering glaciers, awe-inspiring fjords, and tons of wildlife (puffins, anyone!?). One such cruise: the Hurtigruten cruise, an epic 2,000-kilometre long journey from Bergen to Kirkenes. You can do the entire week-long journey, or just a section of it. 
  • Visit Svalbard: Svalbard is the island closest to the North Pole, and this Arctic archipelago is halfway between Norway and the North Pole. This wild and remote island is such a unique place to visit with all of its majestic glaciers and snow-covered mountains. It’s also home to nearly 1,000 polar bears. You can visit the island with a tour
  • Catch the Northern Lights: Have you always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis? Norway is the place to see them! According to Norse mythology, the Northern lights were reflections of the weapons and armor of the Valkyries. You can catch the northern lights in the northern region of the country, and they’re especially visible in the winter. What’s more romantic than that?! 
The Northern Lights reflect on a lake in Norway
  • Plan an epic road trip: If you want to spend your elopement trip seeing an entirely new part of the world, why not plan a road trip through Norway? There’s no better way to see the country than by car. Make sure to drive down Eagle Road or Atlantic Ocean Road for some truly insane views.   
  • Visit the Western Coast: Norway’s western coast comprises many different, tiny islands like Kristiansund. These fishing villages are such a unique, intimate part of Norway to visit outside of the tourist hustle and bustle. This area is also home to the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean Road, which you cannot miss. 
  • Dog Sledding: Are you planning to visit Norway in the winter? Consider checking out dog sledding,a truly unique way to see the snowy scenery. 
  • See the fjords from above: Norway is known for their towering fjords and valleys. Consider taking a helicopter tour of the area to truly experience the area in a way unlike any other. These bird’s eye views will make your elopement day extra special! 

The best time to elope in Norway

Visit Norway during the shoulder seasons to find the best balance between crowds and great weather. The spring season (May and June) and the fall season (September and October) still have flawless weather without the summertime tourists. 

A small town on a peninsula next to the water

Of course, the summer months in Norway are absolutely breathtaking. However, mid-June to August also sees the greatest influx of tourists. We can always make it work if you only have time during the summer, but I’d recommend sticking to a shoulder season. 

Where to eat in Norway

The unique Scandinavian cuisine in Norway is all part of the elopement experience in Norway! Wondering what you absolutely must try during your trip to the land of the midnight sun? Unlike pizza or pho, Norwegian dishes aren’t part of the American vernacular. 

Traditional Norwegian food is a reflection of the country and its land. Norwegian food puts a greater emphasis on fish and game, which is a bit of a contrast from continental European countries. That means finding food like reindeer, moose, deer, and grouse on the menu. Lamb – especially in the national dish Fårikål – is a prominent feature in the Norwegian diet. 

Don’t miss out on these favorites: 

  • Brunost: You can’t visit Norway without trying Norwegian brunost, a type of cheese made from whey, a by-product of the cheese-making process. It’s brown, slightly sweet, and delicious. You’ll find it sold in blocks. 
  • Rømmegrøt: This classic sour cream porridge is made with whole milk, wheat flour, sour cream, butter, cinnamon, sugar, and salt. Many Norwegians enjoy this dish with cured meat or crackers. 
  • Smoked salmon: Norway is famous for their smoked salmon, and it is one of the country’s biggest exports. Norwegian salmon has a much higher fat content than other salmon, and it’s perfect for smoking. 
  • Fiskesuppe: Norwegian fish soup is an absolute classic. It’s perfect for both cold and warm days. Many times, the dish contains fish, vegetables, and herbs. Every place makes it a little differently! 
  • Kjøttkaker: Norway may be famous for their fish, but many families still eat meat at home. These meatballs may be made with beef, pork, lamb, or sheep as well as moose or reindeer. Find them drowned in gravy and served with potatoes, pushy peas, or sauerkraut. 
  • Vafler: These tasty sweet treats – heart-shaped waffles – are a simple meal. Enjoy them topped with chocolate, sugar, jam, or even Brunost (for the authentic experience!). 

There are dozens of traditional Norwegian foods to try while you’re exploring Norway! Make sure to stop at the local, off-the-beaten path spots to get the true taste of the country. 

Where to drink in Norway

Looking to enjoy a nice, quiet drink in Norway? There are countless little hidden gems around the country. Check out some of these spots: 

Where to stay in Norway

A series of colorful homes overlooking the ocean in Norway

Norway is a huge country, and where you stay will depend on your elopement location. But if you’re struggling to pick your top spot, maybe these sick accommodations will sway you one way or another. From igloos to treehouses to the most unique little tiny homes… These are some of THE most insane accommodations I’ve ever seen, anywhere – and they all happen to be in Norway: 

Not seeing anything in your area? Don’t stress – I’ve got tons of amazing Airbnbs and luxury hotels flagged to make your elopement day as special as possible. 

Vendors I recommend in the area


Hair and Makeup Artists



How to get to Norway

There are a number of different ways to get to Norway. If you plan to travel by plane, you can get to Norway with a direct flight from the West coast or East coast of the U.S. There are international and domestic connections to and from Bergen, Kristiansand, Sandefjord, Stavanger, Tromsø, and Trondheim. In fact, there are more than 50 different airports in Norway, so no matter where you plan to go, you can fly there. If you plan to make it a big trip, you can also arrive from elsewhere in Europe. 

A small wooden house in the middle of a flowering field overlooks an ocean with mountains in the background in Norway

Looking to travel more sustainably? There is an extensive rail network that links Norway to the rest of Scandinavia and Europe. Most of the journeys will be overnight, and will feature sleeping compartments. It’s so easy to explore Norway by train!

You can also plan on taking a car or bus to visit Norway, of course. Those two methods may take more time, but a bus can offer more affordable options and a car can offer more opportunities to explore the country. 

No matter how you arrive, I recommend renting a car once you arrive at your final destination to better explore Norway and the beautiful countryside.  

How to legally elope in Norway

I’d personally recommend getting legally married in the U.S. to make it easier on you both and then have the symbolic ceremony in Norway. 

But if you want to legally get married in Norway, it is possible. Here’s how:

To get legally married in Norway, you do not need to be a citizen. However, you do need to have legal stay in the country. That means a residence permit, a visitor’s visa, or a valid free stay visa. This requirement makes the process quite complicated, as many couples may not have a proper visa for stay in the country. 

If you happen to be a citizen or have permanent residence in Norway, you can find the full legal procedure here. You will need a number of documents and paperwork, including a statement with an apostille showing there is no impediment to marriage and a statement from a sponsor. It’s a long list! For that reason, I recommend tying the knot back home. That way, you can have a small celebration with some family as well.  

My tips for exploring Norway

A thin rock cliff overlooks a long lake and mountain peaks

Do you want to extend your elopement trip and spend some time exploring all that Norway has to offer? This vast country has so many peaks and valleys worth uncovering yourself. If you do plan on staying longer, I’d recommend renting a car and planning a road trip through the country. Of course, this will depend on where you will elope. However, there are so many unbelievable hikes throughout the country that will simply knock your socks off. 

Closing Statements

If you’re looking for a wild, adventurous and spectacular elopement day, there’s really no place as magical and extraordinary as Norway. This underrated destination offers couples so much value to explore an absolutely beautiful location and celebrate their love. 

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