Featured Elopement Location: Oaxaca, April 2023

If the idea of getting married in Oaxaca lights a fire in your soul — or was already on your elopement bucket list — and the dates I’m there align with when you want to get married, all of my travel fees are waived! My dates for Oaxaca are currently flexible in the month of April 2023. Want to come with me? Let me know ASAP.

What is a featured location?

Before I get to the GOOD STUFF, I wanted to tell you about my featured locations. A featured location is somewhere I already have plans to be. If the dates I’m there align with when you want to get married, all of my travel fees are waived! (A $1,000 savings!) So yeah, you could technically count this as a reason to shuffle the budget and fit in an epic activity on your big day. That’s enough cash for a private tequila tasting, a beachside horse back ride, or even a massive upgrade to wherever you’re staying!

What could a Oaxaca Elopement look like? Read on for all the details.

Written by the wonderful Sam Tatro of Undiscovered Path Home

Anyone who has visited Oaxaca before will tell you that they instantly fell in love with this city at first sight. With its colorful houses, vibrant nightlife, palm-tree-lined beaches and laid back vibes, Oaxaca is easy to love. It’s the perfect little seaside spot for couples looking for an intimate and romantic elopement. This region pretty much always has something going on year-round, and it’s always fun to visit Oaxaca. If you’re currently contemplating where to elope, why not think about eloping in Oaxaca? An Oaxaca elopement is all about tropical, relaxed vibes. Here’s how to plan the ultimate Oaxaca elopement, from where to elope to where to eat to how to legally tie the knot. 

Blue beaches of Oaxaca

Where to elope in Oaxaca

Oaxaca state comprises a huge portion of Mexico, and there’s plenty of little nooks and crannies to elope. Let’s be honest: this little slice of paradise may just become one of the most sought-after destinations in Mexico. The largest indigenous state in Mexico has so much to offer in terms of beauty and nature. Here are some of the best places to elope in Oaxaca:

Sierra Norte

Forests in the valley in Sierra Norte
Sierra Norte

Interested in a wedding amidst the clouds? Sierra Norte of Oaxaca is just two hours away from Oaxaca City. Sierra Norte is a network of Zapotec Villages sprinkled throughout 100 kilometers of hiking trails. The six villages have been linked economically and socially for more than 500 years, and this area is completely unlike any other areas. The region has a number of different microclimates, from deep pine forests to desert-like conditions. There are countless wonderful spots in Sierra Norte! 


Carrizalillo is, basically, paradise. This tiny beach destination has an amazing jungle backdrop, an unreal destination for a Mexican beach wedding. The vibrant green jungle comes right up to the coastline, which makes for an absolutely beautiful setting. And picture a sunset or sunrise ceremony here? Oh my GOD. 


This beach is one of the most beautiful parts of Puerto Escondido, but it’s still quite under-the-radar. That means it’s completely wide open for different elopement adventures! Another cool part of this beach? Every year, baby turtles get released here! Imagine planning an elopement to coincide with the release of baby turtles? Pure magic!!! 

A baby sea turtle crawls on the beach in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca

Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca is a professionally maintained garden that’s home to more than a thousand species of plants, all native to Oaxaca. There are four different places to have your ceremony here. You can get married amidst plants, the rocks…The scenery is so unique and so gorgeous. The photos here will look unbelievable! 

Let’s talk about what you want out of your elopement and your Oaxaca elopement experience in depth and I can help you find THE spot for your wedding day!

What to do on your elopement day in Oaxaca

An aerial view of two white umbrellas on the beach in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Do you want to plan a little something extra fun on your elopement day? There’s no rules when you plan to elope in Oaxaca. Eloping in Oaxaca means spending time eating way too many tacos, walking along the palm-tree-lined beaches of Puerto Escondido, and swimming in the ocean. But if you want more adventure, try some of these ideas:

  • Visit Puerto Escondido: You absolutely cannot miss Puerto Escondido. This little slice of heaven along the Pacific coast is known for their buzzing nightlife and their gorgeous beaches. Expect palm trees, thatch-roof bars, and surfing.
  • Learn Oaxacan specialties with a local cooking class: If you love to cook, why not try a slice of Mexican life and spend some time learning how to cook regional dishes. This hands-on cooking class lasts about 5 hours and covers multiple dishes. 
  • Explore the nearby nature: Explore the nearby Sierra Norte, which has more than 100 kilometers worth of walking, cycling, hiking, and horseback riding. It’s such a beautiful area above the clouds! 
  • Walk around: Some of the most beautiful parts of Oaxaca are those tiny little streets around town. Colorful homes line the streets of Oaxaca, and if you have any extra time in the town, I’d recommend just walking around. There’s no better way to get to know the city!
  • Go surfing: The beaches in the state of Oaxaca are known for their amazing surf. Why not get in the water and try out surfing while you’re in Oaxaca? Surfing can be a great way to experience the scenery from a totally new perspective all while spending time in the water.  

The best time to elope in Oaxaca

A church with two towers in Oaxaca

The best time to elope in Oaxaca? Plan on visiting from April to May or September to October to catch the best weather and skip the crowds. The summer season, which runs from May to September, can get quite busy. Between June and August and December to January, you’ll encounter peak high season. We can work around the tourists, of course, if you’re dying to elope in June (I have my secrets!), but for the best possible experience, I’d recommend April to May or September to October. 

Where to eat in Oaxaca

Blue beaches of Oaxaca

Tacos, chilaquiles, elote, pozole… Some of my favorite food in the world is Mexican food, and Oaxaca has some great, authentic options for visiting foodies. In fact, Oaxaca is known as one of Mexico’s top foodie destinations. Whether you plan to stay in downtown Oaxaca or hang out by the coast, there’s truly too many amazing restaurants to name! Here are some of my favorites:


On the coast by Oaxaca

Where to drink in Oaxaca

An orange cocktail in Oaxaca

Whether you want to try mezcal or just enjoy a nice glass of wine, these are the best little bars around town:

Where to stay in Oaxaca

The colorful homes in Oaxaca

There’s nothing better than finding that perfect, magical place to stay for your elopement. These are some of the most unique and most wonderful little spots across Oaxaca state:



Vendors I recommend in the area


Hair and Makeup Artists




How to get to Oaxaca

Three tall green cactus plants against an orange wall

To get to Oaxaca, plan to fly into Oaxaca Xoxocotlan Airport. You can reach Oaxaca from other parts of Mexico, especially Mexico City, and some U.S. destinations as well. Volaris, VivaAeroBus, and Aeromexico all fly into Oaxaca. You may need to do a layover somewhere in Mexico. 

Once we reach Oaxaca, I would recommend renting a car. Mexico has sparse public transit and you’ll be able to explore the best of Oaxaca by car. 

How to legally elope in Oaxaca

I’d personally recommend getting legally married in the U.S. to make it easier on you both and then have the symbolic ceremony in Mexico. 

The ancient ruins near Oaxaca

But if you want to legally get married in Mexico, we can make it happen. To get married in Mexico, U.S. citizens must have a valid passport and their tourist or residence permits up-to-date with Mexican Immigration Authorities. You will also need to request a marriage permit from Mexican Immigration authorities. The marriage will then be performed at the Civil Registry Office. 

My tips for exploring Oaxaca

Hand woven colorful towns in Oaxaca

Do you plan to spend an extended trip in the state of Oaxaca? With world-class gastronomy, beautiful architecture and plenty of natural beauty, you’ll love Oaxaca. Oaxaca is affordable, making it the perfect place to plan a longer trip. Here’s some of my best advice for exploring Oaxaca: 

  • Try taking a bus or taxi (collectivo) to save money. That’s the cheapest way to see different parts of Oaxaca if you only plan to rent a car for a few days. 
  • Don’t be afraid to explore nearby small towns. These local spots are wonderful areas to visit and get a taste of the local flavor. 
  • Eat lots of food! This is the foodie capital of the world. Don’t be afraid of trying out street food as well as restaurants. 

Closing Statements

If you’re planning a tropical elopement with some unbelievable food and beautiful scenery, Oaxaca is the place for you! Is there anything more relaxed and laid back than eloping in Oaxaca? I promise you’ll love this vibrant, colorful, and all-around stunning elopement location. 

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