Alpine fields, colorful wildflowers, spectacular mountain views.. The French Alps really are paradise! The Chamonix-Mont Blanc area in particular is one of the most breathtaking and gorgeous areas for both summertime and wintertime activities, and a truly unreal place to elope. Whether you love to hike (cough, cough, Tour du Mont Blanc, anyone?) or love to ski with a view, a Mont Blanc elopement has something for everyone! Here’s my total guide to visiting this Alpine paradise – and planning your special elopement trip!

Snow-capped Mont Blanc rises over a small cabin in the summer

Where to elope in Mont Blanc 

The number one thing you need to decide if you plan to elope in Mont Blanc? Whether you want a summertime or wintertime wedding. Mont Blanc is perfect for both summer and winter elopements, but each season provides its own special vibe. 

A man walks through snow near the peak of Mont Blanc

If you’re still on the fence, I’d recommend a summer elopement. Unless you absolutely love to ski, the winter season will seriously limit the amount of options available to you. But regardless of whether you’re planning a summer or winter elopement, these are some of my favorite spots to elope in the Mont Blanc/Chamonix area. 

Brévent-Flégère Ski Resort

The Brévent-Flégère Ski Resort is known for its south-facing location, which lets skiers bask in the sun while they ski (if you love skiing, you’ll know how much more enjoyable this can make your day). The scenery, of course, is just as gorgeous as you would expect with the French Alps in the backdrop. With more than 56 kilometers of ski runs, you can spend a couple days here without doing the same run twice. 

This beautiful area is just perfect for those lovebirds looking for a snowy ski getaway. The entire area is lined by cable cars, too, making it all the more accessible. If you love this area but don’t love skiing, you can still enjoy nature. The Téléphérique du Brévent gondola will take you up the mountain, and you can dine at Le Panoramic restaurant in Le Brévent, or simply relax at one of the ski resort’s outdoor terraces. 

A lake relfects the snow-covered mountains in the distance in the summer in the French Alps
An area near Le Brévent

Le Brévent

Le Brévent may be one of the most beautiful areas in the French Alps. This area has lots of trails for avid hikers, but if hiking isn’t your thing, you can take the cable car up the mountain. The stop at Plan Praz in the summer lets you out into sprawling fields. Plus, you can stop at the award-winning La Bergerie restaurant (in a cozy chalet, of course!). The gondola goes even further up the summit for even better views. It’s just such a romantic, isolated spot to elope! 

Les Grands Montet

In the summertime, you’ll fall in love with Les Grands Montets. This area has sprawling green pastures and vibrant wildflowers, and it’s honestly just beautiful. It’s a great example of how many different landscapes you can find in the French Alps. 

One of the crowning parts of the view? Argentière Glacier. You can take the gondola up to Lognan plateau and venture down dozens of different paths, many with a view of the Aiguilles Rouges mountain range and the glacier as a backdrop. 

This area is great in winter, too. The ski runs spread over three different slopes, and the area has excellent snow coverage until early May. Pretty cool, right? 

Col de la Baume 

Wide-open pastures and fields of wildflowers mark summertime in Col de la Baume, with plenty of beautiful hiking trails for those of all levels. Many trails run through local farms and chalets, the perfect option for couples eloping in Mont Blanc that want that relaxed, authentic experience. 

Col de la Baume has both easy and more challenging hiking trails, especially if you opt to go to the Albert Premier Refuge, a beautiful, contemporary Alpine lodging in the hills. 

A hiker stands above a lake in the summer in the French Alps

In the wintertime, the Balme-Vallorcine ski resort can be accessed from Le Tour and Vallorcine. The snow-covered Alpine pastures offer stunning views of the Chamonix valley. Many of the slopes hug the border with Switzerland, too.

What to do on your elopement day in Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is truly the best destination for adventurous explorers! Eloping at Mont Blanc is perfect for couples looking to lace up those hiking boots and soak up all the French Alps have to offer. There’s SO much to do in this region, no matter if you’re planning a summer or winter trip.

A hiker stands above a lake in the summer in the French Alps
  • Go skiing: If it’s the winter season, consider renting skis and hitting the slopes! The Mont Blanc resort area has so many awesome slopes, and the views are just unbelievable. 
  • Take the cable car up the mountain: Looking for THE best views? Visit the Aiguille du Midi viewpoint close to the peak of Mont Blanc. The sweeping vistas include mountain peaks in Switzerland, Italy and France. You can take the Téléphérique de l’Aiguille du Midi from Chamonix or, likewise, a similar gondola from the Italian side. 
  • Mer de Glace: Visit the so-called Sea of Ice, one of the largest glaciers in Europe. You can visit this incredible glacier by the Montevers railways, an old-fashioned red train. It can be difficult to distinguish the glacier from the terrain, but either way, the views are simply sensational.  
  • Visit Le Brévent: You can see some of the most beautiful parts of the French Alps in Le Brévent. If hiking from the very bottom isn’t your thing, consider taking up the cable car and stopping at Plan Praz. In the summer, you can explore the sprawling fields and even stop at the award-winning La Bergerie restaurant (in a cozy chalet, of course!). Another gondola from Plan Praz will take up to the Le Brévent summit. 
  • Tour du Mont Blanc: This one is for all of my avid hikers. Why not plan to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc during your elopement? This multi-day hike is a spectacular trek that winds across the Mont Blanc massif. It crosses into Italian, Swiss and French territories. There are few hikes as absolutely breathtaking and jaw-dropping as this one. There’s really, honestly, nothing better. Plus, if you want to elope during that trek, that’s totally possible, too! 
Wildflower fields with the French Alps in the background

The best time to elope in Mont Blanc

The best time to elope in Mont Blanc will all depend on what you want out of your elopement! Do you see yourself having an amazing winter wonderland wedding at Mont Blanc, amid ski slopes and hot cocoa? Or would you prefer to set off on the once-in-a-lifetime Tour du Mont Blanc? 

The view from the Mont Blanc peak in the winter

If you want that wintertime elopement, I’d recommend eloping in January to March, during the snowy winter months. February and March tend to have less harsh, cloudy snow days and more bluebird days, so if you can, schedule your elopement in March for the best weather. 

If the summertime weather is calling your name, plan to visit mid-June to mid-September. Summertime mountain weather can be unpredictable, but these months have some of the nicest weather for trekking. 

Where to eat near Mont Blanc

Is there anything better than French or Italian food? It’s really hard to underestimate how fantastic the food is in this region. The ingredients are so fresh, the wine local… Even if you opt to cook at home, you won’t be disappointed!

Where to stay in Mont Blanc: Italy or France? 

Mont Blanc straddles the border between Italy and France, so when you plan your Mont Blanc elopement, you need to think about where you plan to stay. Of course, no matter where you stay, you can visit the other country no problem, thanks to the Mont Blanc tunnel. This epic tunnel, which takes a full 30 min to drive through, links Chamonix with the Courmayeur region in Italy. However, you’ll pay a hefty toll to cross: 48 Euros one way, or 59 Euros round trip. 

When you’re thinking about where to stay, consider the types of accommodations and the experiences you want to have. Do you prefer Italian food? Will you be planning a French road trip, and therefore want to stay on the French side? It all factors into the trip! 

The Mont Blanc cable car in the summertime

My personal advice? Stick to the French side. The French side offers a bigger variety of skiing, hiking, and cable cars. Chamonix is also a charming city, and you’ll surely fall in love with this beautiful little village. You’ll instantly see why everyone flocks here during the winter!

Here are some of my favorite accommodations to get your started: 

Vendors I recommend in the area


Hair and Makeup Artists




How to get to Mont Blanc

A lake reflects the snow-covered mountains in the distance on the Tour du Mont Blanc

Despite its location in the French and Italian Alps, Mont Blanc is quite accessible. This mountain resort can be reached by car, train, or plane. 

The best way to explore the area? Rent a car! I know it seems daunting driving in a foreign country, but I always recommend renting a car to really see everything nearby. There are so many cute villages around the Mont Blanc area, too. You can drive from Paris or Geneva and make a road trip out of it. 

If you plan to fly, book a flight into Geneva, Lyon, or Haute-Savoie Mont Blanc Airport. The closest airport is Geneva, Switzerland, however – it’s just 90 kilometers away! 

You can also book a train, too! There are options from all over France, Italy, and surrounding areas. It’s even possible to book a train from London! 

How to legally elope in Mont Blanc

I’d recommend officially tying the knot at home and simply planning your ceremony at Mont Blanc. It makes the entire process stress-free and simple for couples. 

A group of hikers walk along grassy fields in the Chamonix-Mont Blanc area

However, if you want to legally get married in France, it is possible. To get legally married in France, you will have to have a civil ceremony at the council offices (mairie). You can then follow up this ceremony with your own service of your choosing. 

You will need to prove that you are both free to wed, as well. That means a face-to-face interview, together or separately. The office will then publish notice for a fixed period. The process can take at least four weeks if not longer. You can expect the process to take longer if you are not French. When all is said and done, you may face limited days to actually get married. 

Closing Statements

It’s impossible NOT to fall in love with Chamonix and Mont Blanc! This area offers so much to see and do for eloping couples, and there’s plenty of room for you to just get lost and explore. If Mont Blanc is calling your name, get in touch with Jayne to plan THE most epic elopement in Mont Blanc. 

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