Dogs and Beer eopement in Eastern Oregon. You don’t have to ask me twice. This Leslie Gulch Elopement in Eastern Oregon goes down as the hottest, most remote and most unique elopements I’ve ever shot.

C+M wanted an elopement day focused on hanging out with their pups in an amazing place and they got just that. Their day started out with a drive from downtown Boise. From there, we drove the 2ish hours out to Leslie Gulch. We spent the day hiking, chilling with beers and petting their two perfect dogs.

About Leslie Gulch

Leslie Gulch reminds me of Arizona and Utah, only it’s located in Eastern Oregon in the Owyhee Canyon lands. It’s the most unique place and honestly, probably one of my top 5 places in Oregon to spend a weekend. With sandy washes, enormous cliffs, red rock formations, the Owyhee River running through and even secret hot springs, it makes for a one of a kind elopement location for the off the beat path type.

Top Reasons to Elope in Leslie Gulch

  • Seclusion: Due to its location and limited facilities Leslie Gulch is usually
  • Unique Landscapes: The high desert and grand landscape here is unlike anything I’ve ever seen
  • Sweeping Landscapes: The views from the top of some of the trails go on forever and ever, making for great sunrise or sunset photos
  • River Access: The Owyhee River runs right by the canyon, making sunrise paddle-boarding or kayaking a great way to start your elopement day
  • Wildflowers & Wildlife: The canyon is home to big horn sheep and many native wildflowers
  • The Best Stargazing: There is almost NO light pollution out here, making for some of the best star gazing and star photos
  • Secret Hot Springs: There is a secret hot spring hike that’s got a great view

Tips For Planning your Elopement in Leslie Gulch

  • Fly into Boise, Leslie Gulch is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from downtown Boise (Boise is an awesome city to explore as well!)
  • Plan on faux flowers because the heat can be intense, this reduces the risk of the flowers wilting
  • Rent a 4X4 car, the gravel roads are long and not incredibly well maintained
  • Plan to elope here in the early Spring or late Fall, late May through late September is just TOO HOT
  • Pack tons of water, there is a river if you have a water filter, but other than that its pack in and pack out
  • There are restrooms, but that’s the only facilities in the area
  • Make sure to download your maps before hand, this is a super remote area with no cell phone service
  • Be aware that rattle snakes are common in this area, make sure to keep and eye out and stay on trail
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back

Elopement Vendors Featured

  • Elopement Photography JayneMayAgnes
  • Florals Kochetova These faux florals were stunning. Plus no risk of wilting in the  desert heat!
  • Dog Accessories WoofSniffWagandCo Floral Collar and Bow Tie, the dogs were SO freaking cute in their gear!
  • Makeup & Hair PrimaDonnaMakeover Yolanda was sweet and the brides makeup and hair lasted all day in the heat!

Want to Elope in Leslie Gulch Oregon?

I’m your girl! I absolutely adore this wild west part of Oregon and can help you plan an incredible elopement here. Contact me here and let’s get this high desert party started!

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