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Elopements are an incredible way to fuse together everything you love about doing life with your person and celebrate your relationship in a genuine, meaningful way. They allow you to put your marriage first. To release any pressure or judgment and just be you, together.

And when you choose an adventure elopement, you’re adding exploration, excitement, and new experiences to that mix, too (does it get any better than that?!). Not only are you committing your life to someone you love more than anything, but you’re starting the adventure of a lifetime with an adventure of a lifetime.

And because I’ll be there to help you craft the whole thing, and document it as it unfolds, you can relive your best day ever; over and over, forever.

Is Just Getting Started

Your Greatest Adventure Yet

Simply put, an elopement is anything you and your partner want it to be. Because that’s all that matters.

Eloping is not…selfish | pressure to meet expectations | outdated traditions | running away to wed | about anyone else

Eloping is…a celebration of your love | presence over performance | a once-in-a-lifetime adventure | a wedding focused purely on the two of you

the truth about eloping
let's clear some things up

+ Chartering a private helicopter to fly over Alaskan glaciers all-day

+ An African safari with elephants, lions, and hippos as your only guests

+ Summiting a mountain together with a picnic at the top

+ Off-roading in a jacked-up Jeep

+ Renting a gorgeous A-frame cabin in the woods and simply experiencing the wonders of the outdoors together

+ Grabbing your dogs and hitting the road for a road trip through Utah’s national parks 

If it lights you up and makes you feel alive, it’s an adventure. And if you come out one spouse richer, it’s an adventure elopement.

An adventure elopement is what happens when you combine travel and exploration with “I do!” It doesn’t always mean hiking to the top of a mountain or sailing off into the Santorini sea. It could also look like…

So What Is An Adventure Elopement?

Photography was my first love. And not in a cheesy overly dramatic way, but in a “this lights me up and makes me feel fully alive” sort of way. There’s just something magical that happens when you’re watching a moment unfold from behind your lens and you click “capture.” Freezing that moment in time, exactly as it was, and carrying it with you for the rest of your life. 

The beautiful thing about photography is that if there’s a moment you never want to forget, you don’t have to. 

I’ll admit, I initially thought I’d be trapezing around the world shooting for National Geographic (what photographer doesn’t?), but helping incredible, adventurous couples bring their wildest ideas to life – all over the globe — has quickly become my favorite thing. 

So if you like traveling, experiencing new places, and adventuring with the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with — something tells me we’re going to get along just fine (and I can’t wait to be part of your story).

And I’m here to bring your biggest “that would be so cool” ideas to life

Hey, I'm Jayne

Fill out my contact form and I’ll be in your inbox ASAP with info about my availability, pricing, and packages. 

Background Check

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If we decide it’s a good fit, you’ll book a consultation with me and tell me all about your story and wildest dreams for your day, and I’ll answer any immediate questions you have.

First Date

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I’ll send over the paperwork and once it’s signed, sealed, and delivered we’ll officially begin the planning of your day!

Make It Official

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I’ll listen as you two tell me everything your day needs to feel perfect. Then I’ll spend hours researching, planning, and helping you solidify the details and bring them to life.

Support & Collaboration:

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On the day of your elopement, I’ll show up, camera in hand, fully prepared for anything that could come our way. You’ll laugh, cry, and make memories that’ll shape your lives forever – and I’ll capture it all as it unfolds.

The Day

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6-10 weeks later, you’ll receive a robust digital gallery of gorgeous images from your day — telling the complete story of your adventure, from every angle and perspective you could think of. And then we’ll say our see you laters and you’ll ride off into the proverbial sunset, ready to take on your next adventure together.

Delivery & See You Laters

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An abbreviated process from “let’s do this” to “I do”

Here's How It Will All Go Down

This is probably your first adventure elopement, so it’d be a little weird if you knew exactly how to bring it to life. Luckily for you, it’s definitely not my first — and planning them from scratch is sort of my jam. That’s why every package comes with the following included:

* Unlimited planning help from start to finish — I’ll help you choose where to get married, what to wear when you do, how to get there, where to stay, and which vendors to book

* My elopement inspiration guide — 90 pages of my best tips, tricks, and ideas so you can get inspired and think outside the box

* Logistics planning and permit research — Because nothing kills the vibe quite like getting to your location and not having permission to elope there

* Custom timeline planning — So that you can ditch the watch on the day of and stay totally present (without worrying about missing a single thing)

There’s a whole lot more in store if you decide to make this official. But just know that I’ve already thought of everything so that you don’t have to. 

Pour yourself a craft beer or mix up a fancy cocktail, I’ll take it from here

Not Sure How To Plan An Elopement?


share my stash of caffeine & snacks

Hoot like crazy when you say i do

share advice for how to tell family


have backup plans on standby

do permit research


find cool excursions to add to your experience

help you get into your dress

scout the most epic airbnbs

find awesome florists & vendors

Other Things I Can Help With

I thought you’d never ask

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On the most special day in your life, you want somebody who gets you who celebrates you, who’s going to be your biggest hype person! This is exactly what Jayne provides, from beginning to end she listens, she provides the most amazing advice, and she’s just amazing at what she does! Jayne gives so many options to make the day absolutely special and catered to us as a couple. She captures who we are, she celebrates love, and she’s absolutely the kindest loving human being. We fell in love with the Oregon coast and that’s where we wanted to go so it was important to us to have somebody who knew the area and man did Jayne deliver! She served as the best guide for locations, restaurants and adventures to go on. She makes you feel like she’s your oldest friend who just happens to take the most amazing pictures. We absolutely love Jayne May and she will always be a part of the most amazing special day. An absolute dream.

"She captured who we are, she celebrates love, and she’s absolutely the kindest loving human being."


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