Because as much as we hope to remember each moment, the truth is, we can’t. But with a wedding film, you won’t have to. 

There’s something wildly powerful and incredibly moving about watching all the moments of your wedding day playback in vivid color. Seeing your love unfold from multiple perspectives; earth and sky.

Witnessing the natural landscape unfurl around you, showcasing nature’s beauty on full display. All culminating in a film that truly encapsulates the story of your day, adventure, and promise.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increased number of couples seeking both photo and video coverage of their elopement day. And we can’t say we blame them! The two go hand-in-hand, playing off each other to create an incredible combination of storytelling, preservation, and art. 

So we sought out the best of the best and hired an incredible videographer and drone pilot to serve our couples on the day they say “I do.” Choosing to invite Gracie along for your big day is amazing for so many reasons—

The obvious: You’ll receive a breathtaking documentary-style wedding film with video coverage from the earth & sky. 
The wow factor: Thanks to Gracie’s drone expertise, you’ll get photos and video from perspectives humans simply can’t reach on their own—showcasing the two of you and the gorgeous views unfolding around you. 
The energy: Gracie is someone you want around, simple as that. Her energy, excitement, and artistic eye add an indescribable layer to any elopement—ensuring moods are high and problems become solutions in seconds.
The helping hands: Let’s face it—when you elope, fewer people are around to help carry things, set up/tear down, and just handle general “someone needs to do this” tasks. Adding Gracie to the mix takes a lot of this off your plate and mine, allowing you to stay fully present and me (Jayne!) to do what I do best—photograph your day.
The cohesion: Not all videographers and photographers see eye-to-eye when it comes to vision and editing—making it difficult for couples to decide who to naturally look to for direction. Thanks to our background together and the fact we’re on the same team, your experience will feel cohesive and clear—and so will your images and video.

Photo and video go hand-in-hand

You talked, we listened

• Want the people around you on the day you wed to match your vibes and keep the fuck yeah energy and excitement alive 
• Want to stay as present as possible on the day you elope—not worrying about all of the little details, carrying your gear, or setting up props
• Want photos and video that tell a story in an artistic, emotive way, and know that having two artists on the scene will help make that happen
• Know you want both photo and video coverage of your day, and you want to ensure the style of both stays consistent (hiring two creatives from the same team is the easiest way to do this)
• Want a wedding film you can press “play” on at any time and immediately transport back to the best day of your lives
• Love the idea of seeing your day play out from the land and sky—adding depth and perspective to your 

But hiring Gracie is a no-brainer if you…

We Get It—There’s A Lot To Think About

Jill & Amanda

Our wedding day would not have been complete without Jayne and Gracie. I know that may sound crazy when you think of everything that goes into your elopement, but they truly made our day so special. Their energy, spontaneity, and presence alone made us have literally the best day of our lives. They captured the most beautiful moments of our day together, it felt so natural and full of love. We were able to follow our schedule yet also have the ability to do whatever we wanted. (Like be late to our ceremony due to an impromptu Cadillac convertible drive through the redwoods). They empowered us throughout the day and always reminded us that it was OUR day. We were with Jayne and Gracie from morning till night, and it honestly felt like we were lifelong friends by the end of it. The highlight of the day was post-photoshoot dirty martinis at a bar in town with just us four before heading to our reception with friends and family. We cannot recommend these two enough. Their photographs and drone images were jaw-dropping that brought tears to our eyes. An amazing day, with even better people. What more could you ask for on your wedding day?

Listen to a couple who was just in your shoes

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Aside from making the whole “hiring your vendors” process a lot easier, choosing a videographer and photographer from the same team has many benefits. 

Your photos and videos will meld aesthetically because they follow a cohesive vision and editing process. You won’t have to worry about clashing ideas or directions—sometimes, bringing two creatives together can cause a bit of a power struggle. You won’t find that here. The process is smooth—from start to finish. Coming from the same team, we know what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and how—making for a much smoother experience. 

Everything is better, smoother, and more aligned (because the last thing you need is added stress or confusion on your wedding day).

We’re so glad you asked

Why Hire Your Photographer & Videographer From The Same Team?

A born and bred Oregonian, Gracie loves exploring and experiencing all the great outdoors has to offer. If it involves the forest, rivers, or mountains—she’s down (especially if it’s fly fishing surrounded by nothing but blue sky, deep green trees, and the sound of cicadas). 

If she’s not knee-deep in a creek or sitting at her pottery wheel, she’s probably out flying her drone somewhere and capturing incredible photos and video from the sky. 

When you combine her vast knowledge of the wilderness with her creative eye and flawless execution behind a video camera (whether in her hands or up above), you get the perfect addition to your elopement day. And if you’re interested in incorporating fly fishing into your adventure, she’ll gladly be your guide.


Drone pilot, videographer, and co-director

meet gracie

Heck yeah, you’re our kind of people!

Ready To Add Drone + Video To Your Elopement Package?

You’re getting:

• 2-3 minute video of your elopement day (with regular & drone video footage)
• An epic reel of your elopement to share with family and friends and social media
• Drone images in your photo gallery (yep, she’s not just taking video! You’re also getting incredible drone photos!)

Investment starts at: $4000 for US and $5000 for international