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        This Redwood Forest Engagement is hands down one of the most magical moments I’ve ever witnessed.

        The enormous trees, moody vibe and prolific ferns, made it feel like we were wandering around Jurassic Park, just waiting for a T-Rex to come busting out. 90’s kid nerding out aside, the trees are so unimaginably big you genuinely can’t believe it. Crazy fact, Redwoods trees grow to be over 300 feet tall, making them the tallest trees on earth. I come back time and time again just to breath in the fresh woodsy air and marvel at the giants.

        We spent hours wandering the never ending groves. Then at the very end, I noticed Phils hand going in and out of his pocket. Jamie thought his hands were just cold, but I knew he was up to something.

        And then, the magical moment – Phil dropped to one knee. Jamie squealed yes and fell into his arms.

        The forest was literally glowing when he proposed with a gorgeous family heirloom solitaire. I’ll admit, his smile & her squeal of excitement broke me. My legs started shaking & my heart started pounding out of my chest. I shut down my overjoyed brain and got to work capturing the proposal. Their redwood forest engagement will go down as one of the most magical & sincere moments I’ve had the honor of being part of.

        Afterwards, we celebrated with beers at SeaQuake Brewing in Crescent City and toasted to their engagement before heading home.

        Bonus, I am so freaking excited to be the photographer at their winter wedding this December in Madison, Wisconsin. I can already tell it’s going to be one heck of a party.

        Please note: I am always in the mood to go to the redwoods. If you need a photographer for your Redwood Forest engagement, elopement or wedding please give me a shout, I’m your person. Seriously, let’s go!

        P.S. People keep asking about her cute hat and boots, so here you go:

        Hat Made In Minny | Shoes Kodiak Boots

        A couple stands face to face unfocused, with the forest focused behind them.
        A dark background with a single fern leaf in focus.
        A girl piggy backing on a guys back in the redwood forest.
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        A young man throws his girlfriend over his back and carries her.
        A couple dances in the road of a redwood forest.
        A girl covers her face in excitment after being proposed to in a redwood forest.
        A couple holds each other in a redwood forest.